Saturday, November 21, 2015

Writing to Companies Day 148!

Writing companies for coupons is easy! You will NOT always get coupons but a lot of them will send coupons as a thank you for positive feedback on their products! I do not write companies and ask for coupons, I write and just tell them what product(s) I like and why! The rule of thumb is you can rewrite each company every six months. You have all said that you'd like to write to one company a day so let's get started.
Day 101: Barbara's  - I received two save $1.00 on any 1 product coupons
Day 102: Huggies - I received two save $1.00 on any Kimberly-Clark product coupons
Day 103: J & J Snack Foods - I received three Buy 4 Patio Burritos, get 1 free coupons
Day 104: Cepacol
Day 105: Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods - Three .55 cents off on any Bob's Red Mill single product
Day 106: Act II
Day 107: Brummel and Brown
Day 108: Bridgford Bread - I received three save .50 cents on any one package of Bridgford Monkey Bread coupons
Day 109: Armour Star - I received three save .25 cents on any one Armour item
Day 110: Angel Soft
Day 111: Ben and Jerry's
Day 112: Pacific Foods - I received two $1.00 off any one Pacific Food product & one recipe book
Day 113: Robitussin - Three save $3.00 coupon
Day 114: Brawny
Day 115: Ice Mountain Spring Water - I received a coupon for a free product of Ice Mountain Spring Water (up to a $4.99 value)
Day 116: Martha White - I receive a coupon for one free Martha White Baking Mix (up to $2.00)
Day 117: Pillsbury
Day 118: Tyson
Day 119: Birds Eye - I received one save .50 cents on two Birds Eye products & one save $1.00 on any three Duncan Hines products
Day 120: Florida's Natural - I receive two .50 cent off coupons
Day 121: Curel
Day 122: Earth's Best - I received three .55 cents off any one Earth's Best Infant or Toddler food
Day 123: Eckrich - I received two save .55 cents on any one package of Eckrich
Day 124: Ella's Kitchen
Day 125: Banquet
Day 126: Flintstones Vitamins - I received a coupon book with $20 worth of Bayer product coupons
Day 127: Bubba Burger EMAIL: - I received two save $1.00 off any one box of Bubba Burgers
Day 128: Annie's 
Day 129:  Edwards -I received one $1.50 off on any one Edwards dessert
Day 130: Bounty
Day 131: Brita
Day 132: Purell - I received four $1.00 off Purell coupons 
Day 133: Armor All
Day 134: Motrin - I received two $1.00 off Children's Motrin, Motring Infants' Drops or Motrin Junior Strength
Day 135: Atkins
Day: 136: Duncan Hines - I received one save $1.00 on any three Duncan Hines products
Day 137: Breyers
Day 138: Earthbound Farm Organic - I received two free product coupons up to $5.99 and two save $1.00 off coupons
Day 139: Plumrose - I received two save .35 cents off on any Plumrose product - Email:
Day 140: Blue Diamond
Day 141: Plum Organics Email:
Day 142: Buddig - I received $1.00 off any 4 packages of Buddig 2oz. Original
Day 143: AriZona Beverages
Day 144: Frank's RedHot Sauce
Day 145: Blue Grass
Day 146: Farm Rich - I received two $1.00 on any one Farm Rich Snack
Day 147: Pine-Sol
Day 148: Glory Foods- I received 1 free product coupon (up to $2.99) & two .75 cents off any two Glory Food products coupons

Are you behind or new to writing companies?  View the last 50 companies to write to HERE!
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