Thursday, January 31, 2013

Papa John's Free Pizza Giveaway!

Papa John's is offering a Free Large Pizza if you can predict the Super Bowl coin toss correctly!  You can vote "heads" or "Tails".  If you correctly predict the coin toss you should all and email that tells you how to get a free Pizza!  
I did this last year and got it right and our pizza was so yummy! 

*Picture is not mine it's from the Papa John's Website*
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Free Metamucil Sample!

Walmart is offering a free sample of Metamucil!  Hurry and grab yours Here! 

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Get Bath & Body Works Coupon!

Bath and Body Works is offering a coupon on their Facebook page right now for $10 off any purchase of $30 or more!  I don't know about all of you but I LOVE Bath and Body Works! 
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Free Poligrip Sample!

Poligrip is giving away free samples of their Polident Partials.  Score a free sample by clicking on the register now button.  You must have Partial dentures to get this sample you cannot have full dentures! 

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Happy Place!

If you have been following my Weight Journey you know that last week was rough for me!  I am here to tell you that with the help of my amazing husband, family and all of you I was able to get myself back on a roll.  At first with gaining .8 oz I was very upset.  Honestly wanted to cry!  After hearing so many people say so many things about that .8 I realized that not one person thought I had failed like I was seeing it in my own mind.  I decided to just continue doing what I had been doing.
Picture is not mine it's from the Biggest Looser Facebook Page!
I weighed in yesterday 1/29/13 and I lost 4 pounds 2 oz.  It felt just as good as losing 8 pounds my very first week!  I feel refreshed and determined that I can do this!  I deserve this!  I now weigh 166.8 and let me tell you it has been a LONG time since I was under 170.  It feels amazing!  I reached my 5% goal for Weight Watcher which was to lose 9 lbs.  Now I am working toward my 10% goal which is to lose 18 lbs.  I cannot remember if I told all of you that my personal goal for myself is to reach a weight of 150.  It's getting so close I can actually taste it!  I will plan a new goal for myself once I reach the 150 but for now I'm going to just enjoy being under 170!
My husband is like my personal "cheerleader".  He is so supportive and always seems to say the perfect things.  He asked me to go get my ring finger sized because I think he's going to get me a new ring!  The wedding ring I have is broke :(  Anyway my ring finger went from being a size 10 a month ago to a 8.5 this month!  I went to Deb's to try on some pants because the ones I have now are starting to fall off!!  The pants I have now are a size 11.  I was able to get a size 9 on and zipped and buckled but they were just a little tight.  So I am hoping in the next couple weeks I can go back and buy that size 9!
I found a lunch that I just love!  I love taking whole grain rice, a sliver of Weight Watchers White cheddar cheese and adding some salsa to it!  It tastes amazing with the cheese melted into the rice and topped with salsa!  Wish I had a picture to show you all but I don't!
I received my first product to review for this portion of my blog so be sure to stay tuned to see what it is and what I think of it!  
My personal goals for this week are:
1. Get back to eating more fruits and veggies again
Picture is not mine it's from Here
2. Start exercising again now that I am starting to feel better
3. Start drinking more water
Picture is not mine it's from Here
Check back soon for more updates!  I love hearing from you all!  I feel like I have the world's biggest support system!  Thank you all for your amazing words of encouragement! 
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Monday, January 28, 2013

It's Raining Money Free Blogger Event!!

Raining Money

It's Raining Money Event

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Rock 'N Learn Review & Giveaway!

I recently ran across Rock 'N Learn!  As soon as I heard of them I hopped onto their website to find out more info about their products!  I was very impressed and even more excited when i found out I was going to get to do a product review for them!  When I looked over their website I felt like their products would be a great teaching tool for my kids.  My only concern was my three year old son who has epilepsy and is very hard to keep interested and entertained when I am trying to teacher him.
My silly son with his Rock 'N Learn Alphabet DVD
he just opened for Christmas!
I received the Alphabet DVD right before Christmas time, so I decided to give it to him as a gift!  He was very excited when he opened it and it made an awesome gift.  I was amazed when I put the movie in. It was an absolutely great learning experience for him.  Between the bright colors and the very catchy songs he was actually paying attention!  Even my almost 6 year old daughter likes watching it!  
My 3 year old watching his Rock 'N Learn DVD!
Rock 'N Learn has taught him a lot just with the one DVD!  I have tried so many different things to make learning fun for him but very seldom can I get his attention long enough to learn anything.  I've never seen my son interact with anything as much as he does with the Rock 'N Learn Alphabet DVD!
The Rock 'N Learn Alphabet DVD is approximately 35 minutes long.  Some of the great things about Rock 'N Learn are:
*Catchy songs involve learners
*Strengthens letter recognition
*Promotes simple word/letter associations
*Enriches vocabulary
Rock 'N Learn has a great selection of products to choose from!  I highly recommend Rock 'N Learn products!  The Rock 'N Learn Alphabet DVD is targeted for ages 2-5. 
Rock 'N Learn Alphabet DVD
My son

I have a niece who will be 2 this year and I cannot wait to take it over to their house and see her response to the DVD.  She just loves music and now she can learn at the same time!
I thought it was really cool because towards the end of the Alphabet DVD it has a section where it shows the letters and the different ways people write them.  It helps to teach them to recognize them no matter how someone writes them.  I had never thought of teaching that to my kids but it's a great idea because not everyone writes their letters the same way!  The DVD teaches the kids a lot about their Alphabet!
Rock 'N Learn has offered for you all to
enjoy 25% off with coupon code JQ7711.  Just head to their Website to use it! 

Rock 'N Learn

Rock 'N Learn has been nice enough to offer for one lucky winner to receive a DVD or CD of choice off the Rock 'N Learn Website!  This is only open to the US.  You must be 18+ to win.  Please be sure to check out Rock 'N Learn on Facebook, Twitter and of course their Website!  Enter using the form below!


Amber's Disclosure
No purchase is necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law. The odds of winning are based on the number of entries received. This promotion is no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook and is Facebook-compliant. Winners will be notified by email from a ‘Amber's Unique Coupon Page‘ Blog. Winners will have 48 hours to respond or risk forfeiting their prize. Prize fulfillment is the sole responsibility of the sponsor. The blogs participating may not be held liable for Sponsors who do not fulfill prize shipments.

Free Can of Friskies Cat Food!

Petco has a coupon available for your to snag a free 5.5 oz. can of Friskies cat food up to a $.99 value!  All you have to do is go Here and print the coupon and take it to your local Petco with your Pals Reward Card!  Don't have a cat?  This would make a great donation item!  Coupon expires 2/28/13! 

*Picture is not mine it's from the Petco website*

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Hard Week!

I want to start by saying I love seeing all the comments everyone is leaving on my weight journey posts!  I weighed in at Weight Watcher again this week on 1/22/13.  My mom and I had a hard time getting to Weight Watchers this week because we have been getting dumped on with snow.  We did make it to Weight Watchers though.  
This was after 1 day of snow!  It's been snowing for about 3 days!

This last week has been really rough for me between being sick and having a period for the first time in almost 3 years.  (I know that's probably too much info but it's been a rough week.  I have an IUD birth control that has made me not have a period in almost 3 years tell this month.)  My whole body feels completely wacko!  I hate to have to admit this but at this week's weigh in i gained 0.8 ounces.  I'm really hoping it is just because my body is so messed up from being sick and of course my period.  Regardless of why I gained I felt like crying my eyes out.  I felt like a failure after losing 8 pounds last week.  
My habits have changed a little with being sick.  I have mostly been eating soup and drinking a lot of fluids!  I have not been able to really work out much this week.  I have still been eating in my point range every day so that's good!  I am really hoping I get feeling better really soon so I can get my motivation back!  
Anyway I'm trying to just let this week blow over.  I know I'm going to have good and bad weeks so I should just let it go and not let it get me down.  Easier said than done.  

This is the plan I set up for myself 1/8/13:
*Started Weight Watchers
*I try to do some type of workout every day (big or small)
*Drink more water
*Drink less soda
*Tell others what I'm doing

So far this plan is going pretty good.  I'm sticking to Weight Watchers and until I got sick I was doing a workout every day.  I have been drinking a ton more water than I used to!  I have not had ANY regular or diet soda since 1/15/13!  If I start getting a craving for soda I have been drinking flavored carbonated water!  This has worked really well for me!  

I am thinking of going out to eat for the first real time since starting my weight journey!  Please wish me luck! I know for me it's always a test to go out to eat when I'm trying to lose weight!  I will be back to update again soon!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Free Bigelow Tea Sample!

Right now you can snag a free sample of Bigelow Tea!  To get your free sample head to the Bigelow Tea Facebook Page!

*Picture is not mine it's from the Bigelow Tea Facebook Page*
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Little Over a Week!

The first week was great!  I truly love doing Weight Watchers I don't ever feel like i'm starving and I can eat what I want with in my point range.  I would have to say in my opinion I've never been an "unhealthy eater" I just ate to large of portions.  I figured out in the first week of Weight Watchers that portion control is everything and it's actually pretty easy!  Measuring cups, Measuring spoons and a food scale are now my new best friends!  
The first week 1/8/13-1/15/13 was easy!  I started using my Tummy Tuck again every day and riding a stationary bike for 1 mile a day.  Riding the stationary bike for 1 mile takes me about 7 minutes.  I am hoping to work up to a mile and a half next week.  The way I see it doing something is better than nothing!  
I bet you are wondering what I lost in my first week!  I lost 8 pound from 1/8/13-1/15/13!  I was so surprised and happy!  Honestly it's nice to go weigh in at weight watchers once a week because on the 15th I was starting to loose energy.  Finding out that it was actually working and that I was actually losing weight gave me that push and excitement I needed to continue! 
I will be weighing in again this Tuesday the 22nd.  I am hoping that I have continued to lose.  The last few days have been rough because I'm not feeling well so I don't have energy to work out.  What an excuse right?  Ugh so frustrating.  I will get it maybe I'll just have to ride my bike for a half mile two times a day tell I get better.  I have a horrible cough and it's hard to breathe so I need to figure out how to go about working out while sick. 
I have been eating a lot more fruits and veggies then I used to.  I mean I always eat fruits and veggie but I eat way more now than before.  This week I had pork loin, baked potato, salad and sautéed veggies in extra virgin olive oil for dinner one night!  It was absolutely my favorite dinner this week! 
Don't my sautéed veggie look amazing? 
I want to let all my fans know I have some great product reviews for exercising and losing weight coming up for all of you!  I am hoping that if I can inspire even one person to start their own weight journey then me putting it all out on the line is worth every minute of my time.  I want you all to know about products that I think are good for losing weight and exercising.  So please stay tuned for more posts about my journey and some reviews and giveaways! 
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Friday, January 18, 2013

Free Pantene Sample for Vocalpoint Members!

Free Pantene Samples for Vocalpoint members!  So log onto your account and get your Free Pantene Expert Collection Age Defy Shampoo & Conditioner sample!
If your not a Vocalpoint member join now for the next time they have free samples! (Click the Join Now button in upper right hand corner of page)

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

A New Adventure!

I recently decided that I have had enough of being overweight.  I want to give you all a little background information on myself.  I will be 25 this year.  I used to be a very motivated and athletic person.  When I graduated from High School I slowed way down.  I have two beautiful kids!  I have a daughter who is almost 6 and a son who is almost 4.  My kids keep me busy but other than that I don't "exercise".  I do go for walks when the weather is nice but other than that don't really exercise.  
This is me right now
I wouldn't say that I decide to make losing weight my New Year's Resolution.  I just finally decided that I deserve to feel better than what I do and that my husband and kids deserve someone who takes care of her body.  So once I made the decision to start losing weight and exercising I decided I needed to come up with a plan to help me succeed.
My plan:
*I started Weight Watcher on 1/8/13
*I try to do some type of workout every day (big or small)
*Drink more water
*Drink less soda
*Tell others what I'm doing
That is my starting plan.  I plan to add new things to it as often as possible.  So your probably asking why is she writing about this on her blog?  I decided a great way to keep myself motivated would be to tell other people what I am doing!  I figure if others know what I am doing and I know they will ask how I am doing I won't want to fail.  I won't want to have to get on here and tell you all I failed.  I believe it is going to help me a lot.  As much as I love it right now I know I will have tough days ahead! 
I am working on contacting companies to do reviews on products that have to do with exercising or losing weight!  I think it will be awesome to not only post about my weight journey but also try out new products to share with all of you!
Alright so I'm putting it all out on the line.  My starting weight as of 1/8/13 is 178.2.
Please stop by and ask me question, tell me things that have helped you and if you want join in on losing weight!  Just use the comments section!
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NEW L'Oreal $10 MIR

L'Oreal has a $10 MIR, when you purchase $30 worth of any L'Oreal Paris Revitalift, Youth Code or Age Perfect products. (Excludes trail size).
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All purchases must be made by 3/31/13.
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Lean Cuisine Free Lunch Bag Offer!

Lean Cuisine is offering a free Lunch Bag offer when you collect and enter 20 NEW codes from inside Lean Cuisine varieties (Excluding Lean Cuisine bagged products) from January 3-March 31, 2013!
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You can receive a Joy Cone $3.00 MIR, when you purchase Big Top Scooby-Doo on Blu-ray or DVD and one (1) box of Joy Ice Cream Cones!
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Salada Tea Prevention Magazine Offer!

Salada is offer for people to receive a 6-month subscription to Prevention Magazine with the purchase of two (2) boxes of Salada Green or White Tea Between 12/3/12 and 4/30/13!

To receive this offer grab this MIR and complete it!  Be sure to send the other needed items listed on the MIR!  Allow 4-6 weeks for subscription to start. 

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sunday Coupon Preview for 1/20/13

We are getting one coupon insert this weekend 1/20/13!

Smartsource Coupon Insert

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Always remember coupons can vary based on where you live!
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Free Sample of Tena Twist

Hurry and grab your free Tena Twist sample!  
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Free Beech-Nut Advice Guide and Coupon for Free Baby Food!

I've heard from other's that if you head Here and fill out the form you will receive a Free Beech-Nut Solida Advice Guide and in your mailing you'll also receive coupon(s) good for up to 4 free jars of Beech-Nut baby food (personalized based on your baby's age).  Please make sure you check off the box for the Free Solid Advice booklet!

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Your Choice of Free Loreal Advanced Haircare Samples!

L'Oreal is giving away free samples of their advanced hair care products!  You can pick from 5 different samples to try!  Don't miss out on this one I already grabbed mine!  To get your free sample head Here!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Free Cepacol Sample!

Cepacol is giving away free samples of their Cepacol Sensations!  You get to choose from three different ones!  Hurry Here to get yours!
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