First off I would like to say thank you for considering Amber’s Unique Coupon Page to do a review and/or giveaway of your products/services!  We are a family of four and we absolutely love trying new things out!  My blog is family-friendly so I do have the right to turn down any product if I feel it isn’t a proper fit to my blog.

I can be contacted at: (Right now I live in New York)

A little information about the reviewers:

  • Amber (me)-24
  • Scott (husband)-24
  • Zoey (My Daughter)-Born Feb. 2007
  • Wesley (My Son)- Born Feb. 2009
  • Monster- Male English Springer Spaniel (Dog)

*Note also if you need a different age range for reviewing a product please still contact me.  I have lots of friends and family who are willing to review products for me an give me the info to place on my blog*

Products we are willing to review:

Dog products, Toys, Food, Electronics, Clothes, Movies, Events, Cleaning products, Wii games, Shoes and Much more…

I will only post my own opinions (unless a friend or family member is needed to help review) on my blog. I want to give my readers my honest opinion on products!

If you are wanting me to do a review on an event travel and other expenses must be provided!

Information about my blog:

I started my blog because ever since I could write I fell in love with it.  I have passion for reviewing products, helping others find great deals, and just writing!  I feel my blog is good for companies to consider for product reviews/giveaways because I always promote them multiple times a day.  I have my own Facebook page and I also admin on another Facebook page that I also post my reviews/giveaways to.  I have a great network of bloggers who are willing to help promote if I need them.  My Facebook and blog have been growing more every day!
*Stats available upon request*

Two things that always apply:

1.       Sponsors are always responsible for shipping products to me and the winner of a giveaway!

2.       I will NOT return any products offered up to me to review!

When I do a review:

When I am reviewing a product you are responsible for shipping the product to me (and the winner if a giveaway is being offered).  I will always try to have reviews up within a 2 week time frame.  The only time a review will not get posted in the two week time frame is if I am reviewing a product that needs more time for review or if I contact you with a different reason!  If I am ever unhappy with a product I will contact your company before I post!  I have yet to review a product I didn’t like.  You do have the right to opt out.  I will NEVER return products sent to me to review.   

Need a Bulk Review:

If you need A LOT of bloggers to review a product please contact me.  I have a great group of blogger that I work with all the time for group reviews! 

*All required payments will be sent via Paypal.  No other payment methods are accepted*

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