Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Just a Little Push

The last few weeks have been just crazy here.  I feel like I am not accomplishing anything.  I haven't been motivated at all lately.  My kids and I have taken turns being sick.  I didn't make it to Weight Watchers last week because of being sick.  I did get to go last night though.  I lost 1.4 pounds this week.  Not great but I will take it.  
My hubby got in an accident this week on his way to work.  He rolled his truck three times.  He is ok thank God but let me tell you that takes a lot out of everyone.  My husband is a little sore and tired but otherwise fine :)  I am whopped lol.  I think because of how emotional it all was for me it just has wore me out!  
Anyway I was glad I got to go to Weight Watchers yesterday.  I am really hoping that was the little push I needed to get my butt back in gear.  Has felt like I have been going down hill for a few weeks.  
I am really hoping the weather here is Michigan will start getting nicer so I can start taking walks outside.  I love walking outside with my dog and kids.  
So my goals right now are just remaining the same:
*Start meal planning
* Get moving again
* Drink more water
*Eat Healthier
I feel like I am starting all over at the beginning of all of this but I guess that is better than just running the other direction and giving up.  Hope you are all doing well on your Journey! 
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  1. we all have hard weeks....your plans look very good!

  2. I need more motivation, too. Keep it up!

  3. I have been seriously slacking on counting with Weight Watcher's lately so I know what you mean. Here's to a better week for all of us. :-)

  4. That was an extremely tough week, but you still lost!!

  5. It's hard to do anything in horrible weather keep it up, you will get there!

  6. To go through what you did and still lose even a pound is amazing! Keep it up!

  7. Good luck on your journey! You did great!

  8. LOL love that picture up there ^^^ Hope all is going well with your journey.


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