Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nature is Beautiful!

Day 19:
This picture amazes me!  Just look at how detailed the rocks are!  Just amazes me how beautiful everything in nature is!  This picture was taken at a river by my house.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Purina One Coupon!

Walmart has a $2.00 off coupon for Purina One!  To get your coupon head Here!  You can print this coupon or have it mailed to you.  To have the coupon mailed to you click the button that says get a $2.00 coupon.  Once you are on the print page click on the help button on the bottom right hand corner of the page and then fill out the form!
*Picture is not mine it's from the Walmart website*
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*NEW* Free Target Beauty Bag!

We all know how fast these go!  So you better hurry to the Target website and snag your free Beauty bag before they are gone.  Be patient site is running slow due to everyone trying to get one.  I had to refresh the page many times before I was able to snag mine! It was worth it though because I finally got it!
*Picture is not mine.  It came from here.*
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End of Fall

Day 18:
Figure I would post one more fall type picture before winter decides to plow into full force.  This picture was taken at a fall themed wedding that I did pictures for.  You just have to love the fall colors, they are so beautiful. 

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cleava- The Cleavage Cover That Attaches to The Bra Review & Giveaway!

I received Cleava about 2 weeks ago.  Cleava is a cleavage cover that attaches to the bra.  I must say I was amazed when I first heard about Cleava; how come no one had come up with this design sooner?  It is so easy to put on and take off.  My life is crazy busy and the easier something is to use the better!  Cleava has three easy steps: 
1). Snap one side of Cleava to one of your bra straps
2). Bring the center piece of Cleava between your bra cups and snap 
3). Snap Cleava to your other bra strap
You can view a video on the Cleava website to see just how easy it is to use!
Cleava is my new best friend!  I always seem to have problems finding shirts that I can wear that don't show my bra or too much cleavage!  With Cleava I don't have to worry about it anymore!  I used to always spend lots of money on tank tops to wear under my shirts to cover my bra or cleavage and I always hated it because it would make me look bigger around my stomach and would make me sweat like crazy!  Cleava does not add any extra fabric to make me look bigger!  I also like that Cleava also is very light and does not make me sweat!  
This picture is of me and one of my favorite shirts.  As you can see my bra shows
so normally I have to wear a tank top under it.....
But not anymore thank to Cleava!
  I was very impressed at this point!  My husband was actually laughing at me as I tore our closet apart testing Cleava on tons of my shirts!  Let me tell you I did not find a single shirt that it didn't work with!  What is even more impressing is that Cleava comes in lots of different colors, one size fits most, it doesn't creep up,  no wrinkling and it's fashionable! 

Cleava has three snaps to choose from for each bra strap and four different snaps to choose from for between the bra cups! 

Another thing I love about Cleava is that it helps make it so you don't have to have different clothes for different things anymore.  You can now wear that low cut top you bought for going out parting throw Cleava on and wear it to work!  
With the holidays right around the corner Cleava would make a great gift!  I know lots of women in my family that would love to get one of these for Christmas! Cleava is on sale for $10 off right now which means the price starts at $19.95 (USD)!
"Michelle De Sousa, the inventor of Cleava is so confident that you're going to love your Cleava that is offering FREE SHIPPING.  You also have The 30 Day Guarantee.  If for any reason you are not happy with your Cleava you can return it within 30 days.  You got nothing to lose click here to order or call 1-888-692-5328."
The code I have been given to give you all free shipping is:
Don't miss out on this awesome offer! Code expires on 11/11/12!
Connect with Cleava on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and enrolling at Cleava's website Stay Informed Enrollment! Connecting with Cleava means that you receive ultimate exclusive inside information and deals! 
Cleava has been nice to enough to offer one lucky reader to win their own Cleava!  Giveaway is only open for the USA and Canada!  Cleava selects the color and style of the Cleava that is sent to the winner!  
*Some info in this post is from the Cleava website*

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

3-8-1 Candles Giveaway!

Kimberly's Thoughts has hit 15,000 fans WOOT, so in light of that it's time to celebrate. This is the 1st of many giveaways to come, so keep your eyes out for more.

You can read Kimberly's review for 3-8-1 Candles HERE 3-Words 8-Letters 1-Meaning = I LOVE YOU

A huge Thanks to 3-8-1 Candles for sponsoring this wonderful giveaway.

Never heard of 3-8-1 Candles? Well let me tell you just a little bit about them. In their 22 oz. candles with jewelry inside you will find something that sets them aside for all the rest. Every single piece of Jewelry is Genuine and real, so nothing fake in these candles. Each piece will have a retail value of $39.99 to $1,000, yep you just read that right. . It is going to for sure be, .925 Sterling Silver,14k,10k,24k gold, Tungsten,Titanium, Stainless Steel, you could get an anklet, earrings, ring, bracelet, brooch, or necklace. These candles are full of mystery, with a 100% promise of receiving Genuine Jewelry from each one, you also get a sample tart with each order. Here is some pictures of what some people have found in their candles, and this is just the ones that I could fit on here. Genuine Jewelry In Every Candle Kimberly's Thoughts has teamed up with some amazing bloggers to help me celebrate my 15K Giveaway. Thanks so much for everybody who's helping y'all are all the best!!! Right now 3-8-1 Candles has it’s monthly Promotion going on where any 22 oz. Candle with Genuine Jewelry inside purchased between 10/19-10/28, during which time a very special jewelry piece valued at between $2,000 and $5,000 is given away to one lucky candle buyer! If you’re the lucky winner you won’t know till you receive your candle and find your prize. For each 22 oz. Candle with Genuine Jewelry or Jewelry Tarts that you buy you get 1 entry, so if you buy 2, you have 2 chances of wining, buy 3, 3 chances and so on. So if you're thinking of buying one this is a wonderful time to buy for sure. How awesome would it be to be if you were the big prize winner? I know I would be so excited!!!

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Rules: Contest is open to US RESIDENTS ONLY No purchase necessary. The winner will be selected and notified by email, and will have 24 hours to reply back before a new winner is selected. Contest is no way associated with Facebook. Only Mandatory entry is to leave a blog post comment. All other entries are OPTIONAL and may give you better odds on winning. All entries will be verified. Disclosure: Amber's Unique Coupon Page Is not responsible for prize fulfillment!

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Free Tails Pet Supplements!

Tails Pet Supplements is giving away free samples of different products for both dogs & cats!  7 different product samples to choose from!  Absolutely no credit card info needed!  Hurry and grab yours!
*Picture is not mine.  It is from the Tails website.*

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Free Mini Candle from Bath & Body Works!

Print this coupon on Bath & Body Works Facebook page.  You can score a Free Mini Candle of your choice!   Coupon Expires 10/28 so hurry!

*Picture is not mine.  It is from the Bath & Body Works Facebook Page.*
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Food Should Taste Good Product Review!

I love finding new products that are good for my family and me.  Our whole family loves snacks.  As a mother and wife I am constantly looking for new and healthier snack for us to eat.  That is why when I got a chance to do a review on Food Should Taste Good I jumped on the chance! Food Should Taste Good chips are made from high quality ingredients.  All chip varieties from Food Should Taste Good are gluten free, cholesterol free and have zero grams of Trans fats.  They are also certified Kosher and many varieties are certified vegan. 
Like I stated earlier I am constantly looking for healthier snacks for our family.  The hard part is a lot of times when you switch to a healthier version of a food it just doesn't taste as good or at least that's how I feel.  Well let me tell you that is NOT the case with Food Should Taste Good chips!  My husband and I are very impressed with the different flavors of chips we got to try!  We got 5 different flavors to try: Kettle cooked Sweet Potato Salt & Vinegar, Tortilla White Cheddar, Tortilla Jalapeno with Cheddar, Tortilla Lime and Tortilla The Works!  We love all 5 flavors!  View all the flavors they have Here!
  Each of the 5 flavors we tried where super tasty.  My husbands and my favorite flavor was The Works.  Each flavor was hard to put down the bag though!  I was also a big fan of the Sweet Potato Salt & Vinegar Kettle Cooked chips.  I thought for sure I would be disgusted with them because of the simple fact that I don't like sweet potatoes but that was not the case at all.  The flavor was so good and just strong enough it covered the sweet potato taste. 
I have to say that this is the first time in my life that I have ever seen a product come out of the bag looking better than the picture on the front of the bag!
I think the actual chip looks more tasty!  
My husband and I were actually fighting over who got to eat what.  They were just delicious!  I highly recommend trying these chips they are really good in my opinion!  Food Should Taste Good makes chips and crackers.    
Be sure to connect with Food Should Taste Good on Facebook and Twitter!    

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Hunter at Heart!

Day 17:
This is my son!  We like playing lots of different games together.  This picture was taken just the other day while we were play "hunting".  We had such a blast!  

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Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins!

I am very excited to be telling you all about Adult Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins!  I have always had a very hard time swallowing vitamins.   I can swallow just about any other pill except vitamins   Seems like they all get stuck half way down or I just can't swallow them period.  With that said it's easy for me to admit that I hardly ever take the vitamins my body needs.  
This is how my Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins arrived
at my house!  Felt like a present :)
With Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins I no longer have to worry about swallowing a pill whole.  Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins a little individual packets that contain five gummy bear vitamins that you chew and swallow!   I am proud to say that since receiving the Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins I have been taking my vitamins every single day!  The five gummy vitamins make it easy to take them because they have great flavors.
Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins contain a pink gummy bear that is strawberry flavored and is the calcium vitamin.  The orange flavored gummy bear is a DHA/EPA Omega-3 vitamin.  The yellow gummy bear is pineapple flavored and is your vitamin D3!  The brown gummy bear is tea flavor and is your energy (Vitamins B6 & B12) Vitamin!  Last but not least you have the yellow gummy bear that is lemon flavored and is you Multi Vitamin! 
The 5 different Gummy Vitamins!
Out of all of the five vitamins the only one I don't really like the flavor of is the pineapple one but I'm not really into pineapple to begin with.  I just take the pineapple one first and the rest of the Gummy Vitamins cover up the flavor!  
I love how convenient these vitamins are.  I honestly have a lot of mornings where I am running out the door. Luckily with the Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins I no longer have to stop pour me a glass of water and try to swallow a nasty vitamin.  I can grab my Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins and easily eat them one the go!
I got this cute little light with my Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins!  
Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins also make kids Multi pack that I am going to get to try out with my kids.  I normally buy my kids Flintstones vitamins but my daughter refuses to take them because she doesn't like the texture of them when you chew them.  I think I am going to have a lot better luck getting the Kids Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins for my kids!

Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins is running a giveaway on their Facebook page.  You can go to their page and vote for the name you think the pink gummy vitamin should get.  The grand winner gets an iPhone 5, 1 year supply of vitamins and a $50 gift card to Build-A-Bear!  

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mia Bella's Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper Candle Review & Giveaway!

I was very excited when I found out I was going to be reviewing one of Mia Bella's candles!  Mia Bella's has such unique candle scents!  I picked out the 16oz. jar Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper scent.  I was very curious how the Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper scent would smell.  I received the Mia Bella's candle pretty fast and let me tell you I am absolutely amazed with the smell!  The scent is very unique and smells amazing!  
The Mia Bella's Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper candle has two wicks!  I am absolutely amazed by the fact that the candle makes my whole house smell great!  We have a dog and as hard as I try to get rid of the dog smell in our house it seems impossible!  I love that I now have a candle I can light when we have company coming over to the house.  The scent from the candle completely covers up the dog smell!  
Mia Bella's Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper!
Mia Bella's was nice enough to include a few extra items for me to check out!  I received two 2.5oz. Votive candles.  One of the Votive candles is Christmas Pine scent and the smell of it is great!  The second Mia Bella's Votive I received is Honey Vanilla scent.  I am not a big fan of honey but to my surprise the mixture of the honey and vanilla together make a wonderful fragrance!  Mia Bella's also sent me a Car Air Freshener.  The scent of the Car Air Freshener is Bay Leaf & Clovers.  I put it in my car immediately wondering how well it would work.  I went out about an hour later, opened up my car and let me tell you my car smelled fantastic!  The cool thing is I had hardly opened the plastic around the Car Air Freshener which means it works great!  The last thing I received from Mia Bella's is a small packet of Hand & Foot Lotion.  I have not had a chance to try it yet but my guess is it's just as great as the rest of Mia Bella's products!
All of the Mia Bella's Products!
What a great time to head over and check out Mia Bella's products!  I believe Mia Bella's products would make a great Christmas gift this holiday season!  Don't forget to connect with Mia Bella's (Lady Jay Enterprises) on Facebook and Twitter!
Mia Bella's has been generous enough to offer three lucky reads a chance to win a Mia Bella's product!
*1st place winner gets a 16oz. Jar Candle
*2nd place winner gets 12 pack of Mia Melts
*3rd place Bella Bar
(You can use the linky below to check out what other bloggers are saying about Mia Bella's Products!)
You can use the Rafflecopter below to enter to try to win!  You must be 18+ to enter.  Open to the US only!  
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Free Sample of Folgers Coffee!

Folgers is giving away free samples on their Facebook!  You get to pick from two flavors!  Head over Here to get yours!
*Picture is not my own.  It is from the Folgers Facebook page*

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Safe Glow LED Dog Collar Review & Giveaway!

I would like to start by telling you all a little about our family & our family dog.  His name is Monster, don't let his name fool you he is really sweet.  He got his name from the energy drink Monster (lol).  We all love going camping, this includes Monster!  Monster is an English Springer Spaniel!  Monster is just a little over 2 years old, he loves to run, chase and fetch!
This is Monster!

We recently received the Safe Glow LED Dog Collar to do a review on.  Let me start by saying that we love the collar and so does Monster!  The collar is very sturdy and I love the way it is made.  Safe Glow LED Dog Collar is easy to put on with the easy clasp!

The Safe Glow LED Dog Collar has multiple light patterns, so it's easy for the owner to decide which one works best for them and their dog.  You can set the collar to fast flashing, slow flashing or just a solid light that does not flash.  We like the solid non-flashing setting the best.
 This is in the complete dark!  I can still locate him!

 Safe Glow LED Dog Collar is awesome for when we go camping.  We let the dogs run free on the property because it's in the middle of nowhere.  This collar makes it so when it gets later at night we can locate our dog so we can take him in when we go to bed.  I feel so much safer being able to locate my dog at all times.  After all he is one of my kids!  

We love taking Monster outside late at night to play fetch.  I love having the Safe Glow LED Dog Collar on him because if he does accidentally run out in the road people driving are more likely going to see him because of the bright LED on the collar.  It's also nice because we can keep track of where he is running when we throw the ball for him!

Monster Playing with his ball

Safe Glow LED Dog Collar is very light weight which I love for our dog because with his heavy ears the last thing he needs is a heavy collar around his neck.  The collar also comes in different colors that you can choose from.  We got blue which is great for Monster!

I really like the loop for putting the dog tags on and hooking the leash to.  We have had so many dog collar that the loop is so hard to use.  With the Safe Glow LED Dog Collar the hook is very accessible because with most collars we have had the loop is also used for holding down extra collar. On the Safe Glow LED Dog Collar the loop is attached very well on the side. 
*Some other great things about the Safe Glow LED Dog Collar is that it is made of a wear-resistant nylon, it has a super-efficient (100,000 hour) LED bulb, it uses a long-life lithium battery that is available at most retailers but because the LED collars are highly energy efficient it reduces the frequency of battery replacement.  Safe Glow LED Dog Collar has a very easy to use size chart so you can be sure to get the correct size collar for you dog(s)! Safe Glow LED Dog Collar comes in sizes small (7"-11"), medium (11"-14") and large (14"-17"). *
Overall I highly recommend Safe Glow LED Dog Collar to anyone who has dog!  The price on Safe Glow LED Dog Collar on is $24.95.  I have paid more than that for collars that only lasted a day!  I think the price of Safe Glow LED Dog Collar is perfect!  In my own opinion no price is to high when it helps keep my fur baby safe!
Be sure to check out Puppy Dog Tails on Facebook and Twitter!
 Safe Glow LED Dog Collar has been nice enough to offer 1 lucky reader a chance to win a  Safe Glow LED Dog Collar!  You must be 18+ to enter.  Open to the US only.  Use the Rafflecopter below to enter!
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*Information in between the * is from another website.  This information was found here:*

Pull-Ups Coupon!

Walmart has a $1.00 off coupon for Pull-Ups on their website.  To snag this coupon head to Walmart's webpage!  Also if you scroll to the very bottom of the Walmart page there is a button that says share now!  Use this button to get a $2.00 off coupon instead!
*Picture is not mine.  It is from the Walmart webpage*

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Free Breathe Right Nasal Strips Sample for Costco Members!

Costco is giving away free samples of Breathe Right Nasal Strips!  Don't miss out on this sample if you are a Costco member!  To get yours head HERE!
*Picture is not mine.  It is from the Costco website*
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Free Kashi Chocolate Soft Baked Squares Sample!

Kashi is giving away free samples of their Chocolate Soft Baked Squares!  Head to the Kashi Facebook page to snag your sample!
*Picture is not mine.  It came from the Kashi Facebook page!*

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