Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cook'n Product Review and Giveaway!

My life as a mother of two young kids and having a husband in the Military can be so crazy at times!  I lose things, misplace things and the list could go on and on.  I am constantly looking for ways to make organizing everything is my life a little easier.  One of my favorite things to do is cook!  I like trying new recipes and I like grabbing the old family recipes out and cooking them up to!  Well guess what being unorganized has defiantly kicked my butt when it comes to the recipe department!  I recently came across the product Cook'n Recipe Organizer!  They where kind enough to let me to do a review of there product.

Cook'n Recipe Organizer has made my recipe disaster a recipe masterpiece!  I can easily put all of my families favorite recipes in one place!  No more digging through tons of written recipes or flipping through cook books trying to find that one recipe your craving!  I can add my own recipes that were passed to me from family or I find a favorite recipe in a recipe book that we love I can add it to my own recipe book on Cook'n Recipe Organizer!  There is also a capability of doing a search within Cook'n software that allows you to find recipes online!

I cannot believe how easy Cook'n Recipe Organizer is to use!  That was probably my biggest worry about the review is that I would not be able to figure out how everything worked!  Lets just say that this is one of the easiest software's I have ever used! Once I downloaded the software to my computer Between the demo video and the interface I was running Cook'n Recipe Organizer so fast you would have thought I had owned it forever!

Some of the other awesome things that Cook'n Recipe Organizer can do is:
(This information was found one Cook'n Webpage)
*Enter Your Recipes Easily Using Quick-Fill
*Type Ingredients You Have On-Hand to Get Recipe Ideas
*Sync with iphone & Android for Easy Access in Kitchen
*Drag & Drop your Recipes to Make Custom Menus
*Auto-Generate Shopping List by Aisle to Save Time
*Capture Recipes From Your Favorite Websites with One-Click
*Calculate Nutrition of Your Recipes to Help You Eat Healthy
*Print a Family Cookbook to Share with Friends
*Scale Recipes to Easily Adjust Serving Sizes
*E-Mail Recipes to Family & Friends
*Free Updates!
For more information regarding Cook'n you can visit there website found Here!

There are so many reason's I love my Cook'n Recipe Organizer and not just for the organization part!  I also love being able to make easy shopping lists, finding the nutritional value on our meals, and being able to change the serving size and having it change the ingredient amounts for me instead of having to waste time figuring them out!

Needless to say.... I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone!

*This product was given to me free of charge to do a review on.  I was not compensated to do this review and it is all my own opinions!*

You can buy right now for PC & MAC for $79.95!

Also one lucky person is going to WIN a FREE copy of Cook'n!  This giveaway is for international audiences only!  Once the giveaway is over the winner will have 48 hours to get back in contact with me or a new winner will be chosen!  NO EXCEPTIONS!

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  1. This look SO easy to use! I'm sure my family would love it!

  2. I have heard of Cook'n Organizer before but was afraid to try it because I am technically challenged. Maybe I will since you said it's easy to use.

  3. I had heard the name Cook'n before, but I wasn't quite sure that it was. Thanks for the explanation, sounds like something I would love to have and use all the time!

  4. I heard nothing but good things about this one. I'll have to try it!

  5. I need to organize my meal planning and this would be great! Thanks for a GREAT review and giveaway!

  6. I have this software is great- I actually own it too!!

  7. I need this!! I'm just now starting my little recipe collection! Thanks for the heads up on this product. :)

  8. i like that it can sync with my iphone

    catherine0807 at hotmail dot com

  9. Because I can't ever find one when I'm looking for it.

  10. Sounds pretty simple! I need something I need to try. Thanks for sharing, I hate trying things when I don't know if I like them or not! :)

  11. I don't have anything organizing my recipes right now, which makes it really hard to find them when I want to try something!

    This is great, thanks!

  12. I heard really good things about this and would love to try it too .. Thank you so much

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  14. I like how you can import recipes off the Internet into this program
    Califkitties @

  15. I like how it can scale down recipes as well as how easy it sounds to use.

  16. anything that has to do with getting some organization around this house is of interest to me:)

  17. i like that i can get rid of my cookbooks and use this instead


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