Friday, August 17, 2012

Ecover Review!

I recently receive Ecover Toilet Cleaner to do a review on!  I really was impressed when I opened the bottle Bay Breeze Toilet Cleaner because it didn't have a harsh chemical smell to it!  It actually smelt pretty good!

Other Great things about Ecover Toilet Cleaner:

*Triple Action: Cleans and Freshens
*Fresh Plant-Based Fragrance
*Plant-Based Ingredients
*Not tested on animals
*Suitable for Septic tanks!

Our house has very hard water and it irritates me because it causes all sorts of stains on everything.  The toilet bowl is my least best friend when it come to cleaning because I have never been able to get rid of the stains in it from our water.  I have tried tons of different products with absolutely no success!  I was very excited when I realize that Ecover Toilet Cleaner got rid of the stains!  
Now I am not real excited to be showing pictures of my toilet on my blog but I couldn't pass up this opportunity to show all of you how awesome Ecover Products are!
Toilet Before Ecover

Toilet After Ecover!

Just looking at the pictures you can see how well it works!  Even better news than Ecover Toilet Cleaner working is that Ecover has other awesome products!  To check out more Ecover products or for other information head Here!

*This product was given to me free of charge to do a review on.  I was not in any way compensated to do this review and everything wrote is my own opinions!*


  1. I am always on the look out for AWESOME cleaning products! This for sure is something I will check out! Thanks you for a great review! Now its time for me to find this product!

  2. Wow!! I am definetly interested in seeing what other products this company carries! Clean house = clean soul!! Thanks!

  3. I always try to find greener cleaners. Thanks for the review on this , I will have to try this one:)


  4. Wow that worked so well.. Gotta try that product.. thanks for sharing it with us..

  5. That's amazing. I'll tell my old man he does the cleaning.

  6. I am a huge Ecover fan! I use their detergent and their dishwasher tabs!

    Awesome review!! The pictures prove it's an awesome product! :)
    Jessi G.

  7. Wow, that is one clean toilet! Thanks for sharing the "before" and "after" photos ... and for spreading the word that ecological products like Ecover can really work! It's great that you took the time to test the Toilet Cleaner and to write about it on your blog. We hope that more and more people will give Ecover a try!
    -Deb for Ecover

  8. I would love to try the toilet cleaner. We have hard water and 8 kids so our toilet gets a lot of action and does not stay clean long!


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