Wednesday, August 22, 2012

O.O.T.W. (Out of This World) Dolls Review!

I was so excited when I got offered to do a review on O.O.T.W. Dolls.  When the package got to our house with my daughter's O.O.T.W. Doll I could hardly get the package into the house and she was tearing the package open.  We received the Flix doll to do a review on and let me tell you not only did my daughter like it my 3 year old son liked it also!  O.O.T.W. Dolls has 5 different dolls to choose from and each has their own little personality. There is Astra who loves singing, dancing and fashion, GiGi who loves practical jokes, Techno loves music and planning parties, Vizi is super curious and smart, Flix has movie madness!  Each doll does it's own little special things.

If the cute O.O.T.W. Dolls isn't enough there are also really cute O.O.T.W. Pets you can buy.  There are two cute little O.O.T.W. Pets to choose from there is Loco and Ditto.  Both Loco and Ditto have there own special features as well!  Let's not stop there either!  There is also O.O.T.W. Accessories!  If you are looking for great, fun and durable toys for your kiddo head over to O.O.T.W. Dolls for more information!  You can also like O.O.T.W. Dolls on Facebook!

My kids have spent hours playing with Flix and have not even got close to getting tired of it!  O.O.T.W. Dolls definantly get an A+ from me and my kids!
You can also head Here to watch a short video about O.O.T.W. Dolls!
Want to snag one or all of these cute O.O.T.W. Dolls up for your little one?  They are available at Wal Mart, Target, Toys R Us and most other toy and online retailers!

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  1. My daughter wants one of these dolls. I see the commercials all the time. That cute song gets stuck in your head.

  2. Seems like a really cute doll. I will have to check them out :)
    Thanks for the review.

  3. Those are super cute!! My niece would love them~

  4. How cute! I had never noticed these before. My nieces would love these. Thanks for sharing your opinions!

  5. Awh!! Too cute!!! I wish I had a little girl! My niece loves hers!

  6. My daughter seen this and now she has to have one, lol. Heading over to do some shopping now. :-) PLH

  7. That sounds so neat. I'm sure my girls would love it!

  8. My niece would love that! Sounds really cute


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