Thursday, January 31, 2013

Papa John's Free Pizza Giveaway!

Papa John's is offering a Free Large Pizza if you can predict the Super Bowl coin toss correctly!  You can vote "heads" or "Tails".  If you correctly predict the coin toss you should all and email that tells you how to get a free Pizza!  
I did this last year and got it right and our pizza was so yummy! 

*Picture is not mine it's from the Papa John's Website*
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  1. Not a chance I would buy from Papa Johns given how they treat their employees and what the owner did last August honestly!

  2. I guessed heads & it was heads yeah hopefully getting my free pizza soon!

  3. I got my free pizza! Woohoo! In fact, I had enough points from previous orders that I was able to get my free large one-topping pizza I won AND a large 3-topping pizza for FREE! It sure made for a great pizza night!


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