Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Little Over a Week!

The first week was great!  I truly love doing Weight Watchers I don't ever feel like i'm starving and I can eat what I want with in my point range.  I would have to say in my opinion I've never been an "unhealthy eater" I just ate to large of portions.  I figured out in the first week of Weight Watchers that portion control is everything and it's actually pretty easy!  Measuring cups, Measuring spoons and a food scale are now my new best friends!  
The first week 1/8/13-1/15/13 was easy!  I started using my Tummy Tuck again every day and riding a stationary bike for 1 mile a day.  Riding the stationary bike for 1 mile takes me about 7 minutes.  I am hoping to work up to a mile and a half next week.  The way I see it doing something is better than nothing!  
I bet you are wondering what I lost in my first week!  I lost 8 pound from 1/8/13-1/15/13!  I was so surprised and happy!  Honestly it's nice to go weigh in at weight watchers once a week because on the 15th I was starting to loose energy.  Finding out that it was actually working and that I was actually losing weight gave me that push and excitement I needed to continue! 
I will be weighing in again this Tuesday the 22nd.  I am hoping that I have continued to lose.  The last few days have been rough because I'm not feeling well so I don't have energy to work out.  What an excuse right?  Ugh so frustrating.  I will get it maybe I'll just have to ride my bike for a half mile two times a day tell I get better.  I have a horrible cough and it's hard to breathe so I need to figure out how to go about working out while sick. 
I have been eating a lot more fruits and veggies then I used to.  I mean I always eat fruits and veggie but I eat way more now than before.  This week I had pork loin, baked potato, salad and sautéed veggies in extra virgin olive oil for dinner one night!  It was absolutely my favorite dinner this week! 
Don't my sautéed veggie look amazing? 
I want to let all my fans know I have some great product reviews for exercising and losing weight coming up for all of you!  I am hoping that if I can inspire even one person to start their own weight journey then me putting it all out on the line is worth every minute of my time.  I want you all to know about products that I think are good for losing weight and exercising.  So please stay tuned for more posts about my journey and some reviews and giveaways! 
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  1. You are doing great. I am checking into Weight Watchers when I get home.

  2. Well thank you, how kind. I'd love to lose some weight. Sounds like you're doing great! I don't how you'd workout sick though. I know I wouldn't.

  3. That looks so good. I did Weight Watchers a long time ago and it worked very well for me. I need to start it again!

  4. I am so impressed with your weight loss in one week! We just got a stationary bike. You've inspired me to be more active on it!

  5. Wow that's a great loss! And yes those veggies look super yum!


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