Saturday, May 18, 2013

Beautiful Food!

Food on vacation is a big deal.  It was a bigger deal to my husband than me but I enjoyed having an all-inclusive trip.  Being able to eat at any of the resorts restaurants any time of day and getting to try new things without having to worry about paying for it if you didn't like it.
My pizza
My husband and I both found lots of food we never would have tried back home but gladly tried on our trip to the Bahamas.  We both found a lot out about ourselves and the different kinds of food we like!  Let's just say that having such tasty food on hand 24/7 put a damper on my weight journey!  Getting back on track though so that's ok.  Amazing when even pictures of food look awesome!  What do you think?

My Hubby's pizza
Amber's Siggy


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