Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Writing to Companies Day 97!

Writing companies for coupons is easy! You will NOT always get coupons but a lot of them will send coupons as a thank you for positive feedback on their products! I do not write companies and ask for coupons, I write and just tell them what product(s) I like and why! The rule of thumb is you can rewrite each company every six months. You have all said that you'd like to write to one company a day so let's get started.

Day 51: Breathe Right- I received 2- $1.50 off one Breathe Right product & a coupon book with $17.50 worth of other coupons
Day 52: Alouette Cheese
Day 53: Aquafresh- I received $17.00 worth of GSK brand coupons 
Day 54: Borden Cheese
Day 55: Amy's Kitchen - I received a variety of 6 different coupons
Day 56: A-1 Sauce
Day 57: Band-Aid - I received 3- save $1.00 on any one Brand-Aid product coupons
Day 58: A&W
Day 59: Arm & Hammer
Day 60: Arrowhead Mills- I received 2 .55 cent off coupons
Day 61: Bagel Bites- I received four .50 cent off coupons
Day 62: Burt's Bees
Day 63: Alexia Foods
Day 64: Azteca Tortillas ( - I received one .55 cent off coupon
Day 65: Air Wick
Day 66: Alouette Cheese
Day 67: Ling Ling - I received two $1.00 off on any Ling Ling product coupons
Day 68: Benadryl - I received two save $1.00 on Children's Benadryl coupons
Day 69: Barilla Pasta
Day 70: All Detergent (Click contact button on bottom of webpage) 
Day 71: Beech-Nut- I received 3 $1.00 off 5 Beech-Nut infant or toddler items
Day 72: Blistex- I received two save .25 cents off on any one Blistex lip care product
Day 73: Mario Camacho - I received 1 save $1.00 on the purchase of one Mario product & 2 save .30 cents on the purchase of any one Mario product
Day 74: Altoids
Day 75: Almay - I received 3 save $1.00 off on any Almay product
Day 76: Sea Best - I received 3 .75 cents off one Sea Best product coupons, 1 magnet & 1 recipe
Day 77: Brillo - I received two .55 cents off coupons
Day 78: Heluva Good
Day 79: Eucerin- I received four $3.00 off on any one Eucerin product coupons
Day 80: Welch's- I received two .75 cents off any one Welch's product coupons
Day 81: Sea Best- I received three .75 cents off one Sea Best product, 1 magnet & 1 recipe
Day 82: Clean & Clear- I received two save $1.00 on any one Aveeno, RoC anti-aging or Clean & Clear product coupons
Day 83: Pacific Foods- I received two $1.00 off coupons
Day 84: Lysol
Day 85: Gerber- I received two save .75 cents on any one Gerber cereal, six save .25 cents on any one Gerber Graduates product & three $1.00 off on other Gerber product coupons
Day 86: Knorr
Day 87: All Whites- I received two $1.00 off any one package of AllWhites or Better'n Eggs coupons
Day 88: Nexcare
Day 89: Idahoan- I received one buy 2 get 1 free coupon
Day 90: Baby Magic- I received two save .50 cents on a Baby Magic product
Day 91: Marzetti
Day 92: Mezzetta- I received two .50 cents off on one Mezzetta pepper, olive or specialty food product, one save .75 cents off on any Napa Velley Bistro pasta sauce or premium olive product, one save $1.00 on any two Napa Valley Bistro pasta sauces & one recipe card
Day 93: Welch's - I received two .75 cents off any one Welch's product
Day 94: Neosporin
Day 95: Tums - I received four $1.00 off Tums product coupons, one $1.00 off any Biotene product & one save on any one PanOxyl Acne product
Day 96: Bob Evans - I received four Save .50 cents on Bob Evans product coupons
Day 97: Chicken of the Sea

Are you behind or new to writing companies?  View the last 50 companies to write to HERE!

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  1. I can't believe how great you are doing on this. I think it is awesome.

  2. Wow! that is amazing! Good job sticking to it!


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