Friday, November 2, 2012

Dog Halloween Costume Photo Contest!

This is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love seeing all the kids, adults and dogs running around in costumes!  I have some exciting news for all of my readers who have a dog(s).  I am hosting a Halloween Dog Costume Photo Contest!  This would be a great time for you to dig through that old box of photos of your dog in costume or get creative with your dog's new costume!  One lucky winner from this blog will win a $25 Target Gift card!  How awesome is that?
This is our dog.
Monster the bird hunter!
So now I bet your wondering what you have to do!

Participation Requirements: 
Get your dog's Halloween costume on and snap a photo.  Photo entries do not have to be current, but they do have to be yours!
Once you find that prize winning photo-you may enter by:
1. Email me the picture at Please put in the subject line "Dog Halloween Photo Contest" before November 1st.
2. If you have a blog you may post your participating photo on your own blog then put the link in the comment section of this post.
It is really that easy!  My specially picked panel of judges will select the winner.  Once my panel of judges and I have picked a winner the winner will be announced on this blog, November 2nd for everyone to see.
Meet the panel of judges: My husband 24, our daughter 5, our son 3 and me 24.
The panel of judges does not want any crying or whining if your photo does not get picked as the winner!  This is supposed to be fun for everyone!

But Wait!  There's More!
All participants in this and other blog hosted photo contests will advance to The Big Event Halloween Dog Photo Contest hosted by  One lucky winner and their pooch will win a $500 Target Gift Card!
All participating photos will be featured in a special Halloween gallery where viewers may comment and vote for their favorite hound.  Participants may promote their own dog or their favorite dog by sharing links on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you need to, to get people to vote for their hound.
The Participant with the most votes by 8 pm EST on November 12, 2012 will be declared the winner!
So what are you waiting for?  Go get your picture!  I can't wait to see all of the photos!  Don't forget to come back November 2nd to see who the winner is!
Disclosure: Amber's Unique Coupon Page is one of many host blogs in the Dog Fence DIY 2012 Halloween Dog Photo Contest.  I received a $25 Target gift card as a hostess gift for participation.

This Contest is over!  Head Here to see the winner!
Amber's Disclosure


  1. What a cute idea...too bad I don't have any pets, lol.

  2. Great idea. Can't wait to see all the pictures posted here.

  3. Okay this is way to cute and to fun.. great review PLH

  4. How cute is that. My dog would never wear a costume even though I would love to put one on her.

  5. I would love to see these pictures. I will see what I have to post.

  6. Adorable!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award! :)

  7. Very cute! Thank you for sharing :-)

  8. Your dog is adorable! My dogs would all go crazy if I did that to them and we'd never get a picture!

    1. Oh trust me Erin it was not easy to get him to sit still for the picture lol. We probably took 15 before we got a good one lol

  9. LOL, too cute! I miss my dog I would have loved to entered her in a doggie contest. Beautiful Family!

  10. Love the costume. I have 4 dogs and they all hate costumes...My poor little doxie gets dressed up the most...He does love his sweaters in the winter though. This will be so cute to see all the photos

  11. I hope he is winning because he is so cute. Are you trying to rush Thanksgiving and Christmas? It says November 2, 2012.

    1. I made the post date later so that is would stay on the front page of my blog until the contest is over!

  12. Just emailed entry of Captain Olivia

    Thanks for great halloween contesr

  13. I LOVE IT! He's such a cutie! Nice looking family too.

    You're dates are well in advance on your posts :)

  14. Oh, this is so cute! Good luck in the contest!

  15. I emailed you a pic of Bear in a Miami Dolphin costume. He's my seizure alert dog, and deserves a "treat" for saving my life over and over. He's there for me in every single way. God Bless You for offering the giveaway!!!

  16. I have one going on on my page not part of the pitch list group if you would like to enter your dog. I only have one so far.

    1. Mine isn't threw the Pitch list either :)

  17. Wonderful dog halloween costumes. I was browsing and hope I could add some to my pinterest board dog halloween costumes. I was browsing and hope I could add some to my pinterest board dog halloween costumes. Hope it's okay with you. :) Keep up the good writing too!

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