Sunday, November 4, 2012

Laptop Radiation & Heat Shield! DefenderPad Review and Giveaway!

Being a blogger means I spend a lot of time on my computer.  Most people now days own laptops instead of Desktop computers.  I own a Sony laptop and I love it.  Just like most things in life though there is normally something you don't care for about items you own.  The one thing I do not like about my laptop is how hot it gets when I am using it.  My laptop gets so hot it actually makes me start sweating sometimes!
I recently received DefenderPad to do a review on.  What is a DefenderPad you ask?  DefenderPad is a light weight pad made to defend against radiation and heat from laptops and some other electronics.  What are these radiations I am referring to?  Did you know that laptops give off Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation, Heat Radiation and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)?  Don't worry I didn't know either!
My laptop on top of DefenderPad!

Ever since receiving my DefenderPad I have been doing some research and I can tell you I am very surprised at how much I have learned just because I got offered a DeferenderPad to review!  One thing I learned is that Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is all around us.  From baby monitors to your TV Electromagnetic Radiation is found.  The good news is that with having DefenderPad under your laptop you are saving yourself from some Electromagnetic Radiation!  I cannot prove that DefenderPad helps with EMR but DefenderPad has lots of proof on their website. Something that really hit my buttons and kind of made me mad was when I read on DefenderPad's website that using a laptop can cause decreased sperm count, sperm DNA fragmentation, toasted skin syndrome, fatigue and even cancer!  I just cannot believe how little I knew about the possible dangers of using a laptop!  DefenderPad deflects, diverts and absorbs the potentially harmful emissions so now I can have my laptop on my lap and not worry so much.
This is a picture of DefenderPad from the DefenderPad website.
This is not my picture.

The biggest reason I wanted to review DefenderPad at first was because of the heat shield portion of it.  Like I said earlier my laptop gets so hot.  Ever since I put DefernderPad under my laptop I know longer start sweating because of the heat my laptop gives off.  When I place my hand on the bottom of the DefenderPad I cannot feel any of the heat making its way all the way through it.  If I lift my laptop up off of the DefenderPad the bottom of my laptop is actually cooler than normal and the DefenderPad is slightly warm.  In my opinion DefenderPad gets an A+ as a heat shield.

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Want to try to win a free DefenderPad?  Just enter using the Rafflecopter below.  2 winners will receive a DefenderPad!  Giveaway starts at 12:01 AM EST on 11/5 and ends at 11:59 PM EST on 11/29.  DefenderPad is a $89.99 value.  This will be open to the US & Canada!

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  1. My computer gets hot so often. This would really help. And to know that it also helps with things that can harm us by using a laptop, makes it even more worth having!


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