Friday, October 26, 2012

Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins!

I am very excited to be telling you all about Adult Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins!  I have always had a very hard time swallowing vitamins.   I can swallow just about any other pill except vitamins   Seems like they all get stuck half way down or I just can't swallow them period.  With that said it's easy for me to admit that I hardly ever take the vitamins my body needs.  
This is how my Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins arrived
at my house!  Felt like a present :)
With Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins I no longer have to worry about swallowing a pill whole.  Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins a little individual packets that contain five gummy bear vitamins that you chew and swallow!   I am proud to say that since receiving the Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins I have been taking my vitamins every single day!  The five gummy vitamins make it easy to take them because they have great flavors.
Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins contain a pink gummy bear that is strawberry flavored and is the calcium vitamin.  The orange flavored gummy bear is a DHA/EPA Omega-3 vitamin.  The yellow gummy bear is pineapple flavored and is your vitamin D3!  The brown gummy bear is tea flavor and is your energy (Vitamins B6 & B12) Vitamin!  Last but not least you have the yellow gummy bear that is lemon flavored and is you Multi Vitamin! 
The 5 different Gummy Vitamins!
Out of all of the five vitamins the only one I don't really like the flavor of is the pineapple one but I'm not really into pineapple to begin with.  I just take the pineapple one first and the rest of the Gummy Vitamins cover up the flavor!  
I love how convenient these vitamins are.  I honestly have a lot of mornings where I am running out the door. Luckily with the Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins I no longer have to stop pour me a glass of water and try to swallow a nasty vitamin.  I can grab my Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins and easily eat them one the go!
I got this cute little light with my Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins!  
Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins also make kids Multi pack that I am going to get to try out with my kids.  I normally buy my kids Flintstones vitamins but my daughter refuses to take them because she doesn't like the texture of them when you chew them.  I think I am going to have a lot better luck getting the Kids Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins for my kids!

Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins is running a giveaway on their Facebook page.  You can go to their page and vote for the name you think the pink gummy vitamin should get.  The grand winner gets an iPhone 5, 1 year supply of vitamins and a $50 gift card to Build-A-Bear!  

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  1. Oh i want some I'm always jealous because my kids vitamins are so cute and jelly and mine are hard and ugly

  2. These vitamins are great and my kids love the night light! =]

  3. I want some! I get so sick of taking pills, just cuz I have to take some every day for health issues. I think I'd be more likely to take my vitamins if they were gummy vitamins! I need to check out the kids ones too for my son. He is such a picky eater I know he doesn't get the vitamins he needs! His doctor has always said vitamins aren't necessary, but I've been considering going against that since he doesn't even eat vegetables, and very little fruit!

  4. That light is really cute, lol. The vitamins sound good too!

  5. These are actually really yummy. Funny how I can remember to take these vitamins and not pills. lol

  6. They sound so good...I love the light!!!!

  7. What a great idea!! Now I won't have to steal the kids gummy vitamins!!

  8. Awesome! I love this idea for my children.


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