Monday, February 25, 2013

My Love of Doodlekins!

I have been a fan of Doodlekins for years now.  What in the world is Doodlekins you ask??  Well Doodlekins is an amazing website you can use to create your own address labels, T-shirts, note pads and much more!  
So what's the big deal about Doodlekins?  Well for me it's a lot of things.  The biggest reason I love Doodlekins is because I love being able to create things and make them exactly how I want them.  The second biggest reason I like Doodlekins is because the employees are so nice!  I love talking to Megan on the Doodlekins Facebook page.  I have never met Megan but she is very nice and I feel like I know her.  In my opinion that is one heck of a company!
Here are the most recent address labels I made for my family: 
Aren't they cute?
I am patiently waiting for my family and I to get a new house so I can design new address labels.  I feel like I am having Doodlekins with draws lol.  

I really think you will like Doodlekins as much as I do!  Want to check them out or make your own???  Use the button below!  
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