Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Rough Week!

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Talk about a rough week!  My goodness!  This week has been the hardest since I started my weight journey!  If you have been following my weight journey posts then you know that last week my goal was to get moving/exercise more.  My bad luck defiantly played a factor in that plan!  About a year ago I had surgery done on my foot.  They put a pin in my foot during this surgery.  Well last week Wednesday 2/27/13 I dropped two glass jars of pasta sauce on that foot and the pin moved.  After a trip to the emergency room I ended up in a surgical boot and on crutches again.  Needless to say between the crutches and the pain I have not been moving much.
I have decided I need to set a different goal to try to accomplish this next week because the exercise thing is just not working for me right now.  I know there are still exercises I can do but honestly with being in pain I just don't feel like it.  So my goal for this next week is to try to start planning my dinner meals a head of time. Weight Watchers has reminded me that if I plan my dinners ahead of time I am less likely to make bad decisions at dinner time!  I have always liked making up a dinner menu anyway but for some reason I have slipped away from it so now is the time to start planning ahead again!  Who's with me?  
Good news this week is I hit my 10% weight loss goal!  I have lost a total of 18 pounds since starting this weight journey!  Let me tell you it feels amazing!  I still have a ways to go but knowing how well this is working for me it's easy to come up with the determination I know it's gonna take! 
The Key chain Weight Watchers gave me for reaching
my 10% goal.
So what are your guys goals this week?  Anyone else have a rough week?  Who is going to try to start meal planning?  Please let me know!  Thank you all for all of the exercise idea's!  Once my foot is doing better I will for sure being trying some of the idea's you all gave me!  
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  1. Great job on your 10% weight loss goal! Sorry to hear about being on crutches again....That stinks... :(

  2. I hope you get to feeling better soon! You are doing great on your weight loss!

  3. Awesome on the 10% !!!!! I am so sorry about your injury and the pain it sounds like you went through! I have acuallly always had a menu plan. I have to or we waste food and it creates stress if I dont have one. Meal plans are a needed plan in our home.

  4. You're doing fantastic. And way to keep the positive spirit up. Hope your foot feels better soon.

  5. Awesome job! Congratulations! You are doing great!

  6. Congratulations on your 10% goal! That is really exciting. Hope you get feeling well quickly! Your posts have been really inspirational. I agree making meal plans are very helpful not only making sure you are eating healthy but also on the budget because you wont be making last minute runs to the store or out to eat!

  7. You can do it!! Just keep trying and you will overcome all of the obstacles!

  8. Congrats n your weight loss! :( for your foot!

  9. Feel better! And keep it up you even made it with the foot injury that's awesome.

  10. Wow that would be a hard week. Good luck with the rest of your weight loss journey and hope your foot gets better.


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