Sunday, March 24, 2013

Writing Companies Days 9 & 10!

Writing companies for coupons is easy!  You will NOT always get coupons but a lot of them will send coupons as a thank you for positive feedback on their products!  I do not write companies and ask for coupons, I write and just tell them what product(s) I like and why!  The rule of thumb is you can rewrite each company every six months.  You have all said that you'd like to write to one company a day so let's get started. 
Day 1: Ocean Spray - I received 1 free product coupon
Day 2:  Popcorn Indiana - I received 2 .55 cent off coupons
Day 3: Perdue
Day 4: Starkist 
Day 5: Flatout Bread - I received 1 .55 cent off coupon and recipes
Day 6: Laughing Cow
Day 7: Domino Sugar - I received 1- $1.00 off coupon and recipes
Day 8: Morning Star - I received 1-Free product coupon
Day 9:  Breakfast Essentials- I received two $1.00 off any product coupons
Day 10:  Red Baron - I received 1 $1.00 off coupon
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  1. Good to know which companies are good to work with us!

  2. Always glad to see posts like this!!! I'm currently in the process of writing companies myself. I've noticed a lot of them will simply not respond to emails but have coupons show up in your mailbox. Plus, a lot of it depends on the customer service person you have. I've a had a few companies that say they won't send anything at all but I'll get something in the mail with a courtesy of such and such's desk. I hope you keep on writing and posting your results. :) :)

  3. Nice to see companies are responding! :)

  4. So glad to see that companies are so willing to help out. I sent Betty Crocker an email once asking if their coupons are good for their GF products as well- as a response they mailed me a booklet of GM coupons! Some resulted in free products some discounted but I was able to use it on any of their GF mixes and Chex!

  5. I have often thought about writing companies to thank them and to ask for coupons! Its great to know they do respond back and that they like to encourage to try more of their products!

  6. If you don't mind me asking...What did you write them? For example Morning Star is part of Kellogs and anytime I have ever written Kellogs they say that they never send out coupons period.

    1. Amanda- First off I never ever ask for coupons! I simply write them and tell them what product I like and why. That's it! I don't say anything about coupons. Sometimes you get lucky and other times you don't get coupons but I have been pretty lucky! Thank you for checking out my blog!

  7. This is such a fabulous idea. Maybe I could get coupons from companies that hardly release them. Thanks for the tip.


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