Friday, September 7, 2012

Conscious Box Review!

Conscious Box is amazing.  When I received my first box from them in July I was truly impressed.  I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning getting a box of goodies!  So you are probably wondering what a Conscious Box is.  A Conscious Box is a monthly delivery of pure and sustainable products that are handpicked from businesses that care for the plant-just like you.  You can head Here to get even more info about the boxes or to see the different ways to purchase!

I got my Conscious Box in July.  When I first received it I was thinking the box was very small and that they could not possibly have put much in the box.... BOY was I wrong!
Here is a list of everything that came in my box:

I was very impressed with all the products I have gotten a chance to try!  The only ones I haven't tried yet are th Just Great Stuff Bar and the Madhava Sweetener.  I posted the links to all of the products because besides those 2 I have listed that I have not had a chance to try yet I recommend all of them!  It amazes me how many great brands their are out there that I have never tried or even heard of!  Thanks to Conscious Box I have got to experience lots of different products that I didn't even know about!  

My son ate the GoGo Squeez up really fast and then asked for more.  Obviously it was tasty!  It is always great for me as a mom to see my son love something that is healthy for him! 

I used my Aura Cacia Sweet Orange essential oil on my Woolzies I did a review on a while ago to give my laundry a sweet orange smell and I love it!  You can read my Woolzies review Here!

Overall Conscious Box is amazing and I love it!  To order your own Conscious Box you can head Here!  I also noticed on Conscious Box Facebook Page you can get entered to win a free box by sharing them on Facebook. Want to try to enter to win?  You can head Here!  Conscious Box also now offers eco-friendly gift box or a vegan box!

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  1. That box sounds awesome! Great products and great review!

  2. Great things come in small packages. These boxes are amazing. It is like getting yourself a surprise gift. My daughter wants me to order her one.

  3. I would love one of those boxes. I am visiting the website now.

  4. I have tried out their boxes before, I believe its a wonderful way to offer a month subscription box to try all new and healthy foods. Love all there products! Awesome Review!

  5. Powbab- Pomegranate acai berry sample sounds good

  6. I love conscious box. They are so wonderful and I love trying new things.


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