Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy National Guacamole Day! (Wholly Guacamole)

Wholly Guacamole is celebrating National Guacamole day!  I think the way they are choosing to celebrate it is absolutely wonderful! 
From Wholly Guacamole's Facebook Page:
"HAPPY NATIONAL GUACAMOLE DAY! we're celebrating one of our favorite days by celebrating Wholly Heroes! we think the kids of military families are heroes! they sacrifice and serve along with their military parents and we want to honor them by sending 100 kids to a special summer camp! when you buy a $10 shirt- the ENTIRE $10 goes towards our goal . . so check out the tab below the cover photo! We'll send you a free guacamole coupon as a thank you!" 

I am a Military wife and very proud of it!  As much as I miss my Soldier (my hubby) when he is away the ones who really miss out are our kids.  They miss having their father at Birthdays, Holidays, School events and I could go on forever with this list!  I think what Wholly Guacamole is doing is absolutly amazing!  
Plus on top of helping out the military children Wholly Guacamole is giving away a free product coupon for a Wholly Product (up to $6.00) to each person who buys a $10.00 T-Shirt.  
Please support this AWESOME cause!  To purchase your T-shirt head to the Wholly Heroes tab on Wholly Guacamole's Facebook Page!  You can also head Here and get more info!   

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  1. I hate to say that I never tried it before. I really want to. Thank you for posting this it reminded me to pick some up at my grocery store. :)

  2. i dont know if ive ever tried guacamole lol maybe now i will...


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