Sunday, June 2, 2013

I Choose to Reuse!


When it comes to saving money couponing is one way and limited
flushing is yet another, but one big way that I not only found a fun
way to explore DIY'ing but to save extra money in many random areas is
to Reuse! I think that is one of the most important steps in recycling if I may
add! Well in my journeys of frugality after moving many times I
couldn't help but notice that every time we moved and I would unpack and I
would notice my supply of dishes would get less and less and anyone
who moves a lot knows how pricey that can get so although I loved my
local thrift store I finally came to the point where I wasn't going to
spend another dime on a mysteriously lost bowl. So I found that after
our monthly food shopping that when I popped open those country crock
potatoes and Hormel fully cooked dinner entrees that those microwave
plates were strangely durable for being disposable, so I kept them and
reused them for microwaveable foods, and they hold up use after use
after use! So I applied that to so much more and here is a list of
many of my favorite Ways to Reuse! Remember when you don't want to
have to spend money on certain things think it through cause their
just might be a free alternative!

My Go-To Reusables!

-Manufacture containers (look out for some like Country Crock, Hormel & Tyson)
**plus they are so dishwasher safe!**

-Oikos yogurt containers (great for holding paint, snacks, stacking
cups for toddlers and endless craft opportunity's
-Kings Hawaiian tins (great for baking! and food storage)
-Lemonade mix containers like Country Time Lemonade (great for using
in crafts and as a summer cup. I decorated a few and added ribbons for
marker storage and holding brushes etc.)

-Onion bags (as many of you may already know they make for a great
brillo assistant to your everyday sponge really works wonderfully!)
-Welchs juice concentrate from the freezer section (very durable everyday
drinking cups and of course crafting!)
-Soda 2 liter bottles (while many people doomsday prep many others
just simply can’t but everyday emergency prep is in fact essential and
highly recommended and what I like to do is short term water storage
in case of an outage. I store tons of 2 liters in the basement with
water and refill the bottles every three months for bacteria reasons
but this gives me piece of mind to know I’m prepared)
-Pringle containers when coated with some great laminate paper these
can make for some great pasta holders, brush container, crafting, and
much more!
-Styrofoam plates from meat- (I get a ton of these form the chicken
strips and chicken patty's alone and I find them usually in perfect
shape great for crafts, food presentation, stationary etc.)
-Expensive ziplock dog treat bags (these are great for my homemade dog
treats I even get them in the mail as samples and then when their gone
in mine go ;)
-Trix yogurt cups (these are awesome for painting and drinking cups for tots!)

Some Other great reusable ideas!

-I like to clip the recipes found in the inserts granted their isn't
any good coupons in the way. I hang them on a dry erase board in my kitchen
-You can Refill pretty empty liquor bottles with water and food
coloring to set on display nicely instead of having a bunch of empty ones
-I noticed toilet paper rolls were left everywhere in the bathroom
constantly only to find out they make for great crafts! Many
different things you can do and paint takes great to the cardboard
-You can cut cereal boxes to be file organizers and cover them with
laminate paper for decor
-When I fill out forms daily for freebies I always stumble across ones
for stickers and bumper stickers. Many were very cute but I didn't
want to just put them anywhere. Then it came to me and my big black fridge,
I figured it would complement them nicely and vice versa so I have the kids add new
ones as they arrive in the mail.

-For those of you who gets lots of mail and packages, keep in mind to
save those rubber bands that the mail men use to keep it all sorted
and when I fill up a sandwich bag I give it back to the mail man to
reuse for the mail once again.
-Wire twist ties are great for tiny wardrobe malfunctions for the
little ones never know when you need a quick fix for that popped button
-All the boxes that have pictures of food on it like Banquet meals,
White Castle Frozen burgers and pizza boxes etc. I will
cut out the pics of the food and laminate them so my kids can play pretend
-Finally newspaper comics, those are great for wrapping gifts or
wrapping fragile children items, you can laminate 8" X 4" pieces to
make cool place mats and much more!

So now you see there are many ways to reuse, save and be green
at that! Teaches children great morals and sense of creative thinking.
I couldn't tell you how many time I will see my 4 year old trying to
figure out how to reuse something. Think twice when you unwrap, take
out and find large cuts of clean aluminum foil cause I’m sure it was on
your shopping list anyways! Enjoy and get creative!

Hey everyone!  My name is Krystal Rivera.  I am a 24 year old stay at home mom/photographer.  I have 3 boys ages 2, 3 and 4.  I have been married for 5 years.  I love to indulge in the wonderful world that is couponing and homemade EVERYTHING! 

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  1. These are some great ideas! So many great uses for things I wouldn't of thought twice about using again!

  2. This is a great post! You are very creative in your ways of reusing! :)

    1. Awhh thanks for your kind words!! Being creative is my thing!! Glad it can help out others!!

  3. Thanks for sharing all of the great ways to reuse items!!

  4. This is awesome! I never thought of this stuff. Sometimes I reuse the margarine containers, but that's about it. thanks!

    1. Your very welcome!! While margarine containers are great you will be floored as to how much more you can reuse always tell yourself "can I reuse this?" cause chances are you can!

  5. Wow! You are really creative with reusing items. I need to get more on your mindset for saving!

    1. Awhh!!! Thanks I'm so glad you found this of good use!!

  6. I absolutely love this site. Definitely has me rethinking all my reuses.

  7. This is so neat. We do the same thing. Often reusing containers we bought food in.

  8. We reuse a ton of things in our house as well!


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