Sunday, June 23, 2013

Plus Size Lingerie Review

I must start this off by saying I have NEVER been a Lingerie person.  I felt I was too big and didn't really see the point in Lingerie.  I decided to surprise my husband of 6 years with this review I got to do on an item from  As a lot of my fans know my husband and I recently went to the Bahamas... It was kind of like our late honeymoon because we were young and broke when we got married lol. 
Anyway I thought what a better time to surprise my man.  I picked out the Risky Business Cami Set.  I just thought it was so cute.  I honestly didn't think it would look good on me at all.  My product came in very fast and was very discreet.  Even though I doubted how it would look on me I just had to try it on as soon as I got it.  I LOVED it!  It was very comfortable and made me feel very sexy.  I'm sure as many of you guessed my husband loved it too!  It was a great surprise for him. 
I love that Plus Size Lingerie Boutique has a great variety of Lingerie for larger people.  I have been losing weight but it takes time and I hate when I can't find stuff in my size.   
You can also check Plus Size Lingerie Boutique out on Pinterest!  I have worn
my Risky Business Cami set many times since out "honeymoon" and I plan to wear it a lot more.  I think it's amazing how well made the product is and that they designed it so it's super comfy!  I highly recommend Plus Size Lingerie Boutique! 
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  1. What a HOT little number! I have never been a lingerie person, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to step outside the comfort zone once in a while for the hubs!

  2. It's pretty :) I know how you feel; I've been slowly losing weight, too, but it's a process. I reviewed a nightgown last year, and was (like you) pleasantly surprised with how good it looked on me. Congrats on your late honeymoon ♥

  3. This looks like some sexy stuff! I am plus sized, and wouldnt mind finding something cute like this to make me feel hot ;)

  4. I just visited Plus Sized Lingerie and was surprised at how big their selection was! Great review and looking forward to going shopping for a surprise or two for my husband..Wink Wink! lol

  5. That is beautiful! I wish I had the confidence to wear something like this. I bet you look amazing!

  6. That is really nice looking! They have such a nice variety to choos from. Thanks

  7. I checked out the site and saw some really cute stuff. My favorites were the cami and short sets.


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